HubTowers | A new approach to Jam and Teach
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A new approach to Jam and Teach

The HubTower is a mobile band in-a-box concept. The concept is driven by the need to quickly play music together on any location without noise nuisance and long building-up time. The combination of quality instruments and equipment with a high level of “plug ’n’ play” user friendliness make the HubTower relevant for players of all ages and all levels.


In an educational environment de HubTowers change the classroom in no-time in a futuristic music lab where electronic sounds & beats and vocals, guitars & bass go hand in hand. In a flash an office can be turned into a studio where colleagues can jam together.


Upon opening the HubTower you can make music in an instant with the seamless integration of ‘Old School’ instruments like electric guitars, bass guitar, keyboard and microphone and iPads, drumpads and editing possibilities. The HubTowers are equipped with headphones, so the volume levels can be controlled which allows for playing with multiple bands in one classroom simultaneously. The HubTower can be completely silent when necessary and can obviously be amplified on an external sound system as well.


The HubTowers are mobile and can be used about everywhere. The volume levels can be completely adapted to the possibilities or constraints of the location and situation. The HubTower can be acquired or rented in combination with music coaches. In addition we offer tailored educational programs and instruction. Obviously, for more information you can always contact us.


Atlantisplein 1
1093 NE Amsterdam
+31 20 419 0210